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Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Transit

Breakfast at a quaint European cafe, decorated beautifully.  Completely Old Style European.

This is how the check came:)

Sarah has shown so much progress in our daily visits, and  since our family is unable to be on the same continent for another three weeks, all our children need to have one parent with them.  So, I will be flying home while Andy continues the process here.  We will take the overnight train to the capital Sunday evening, sign papers so that Andy can complete the adoption without me, and I will fly out Tuesday morning.  Andy has business to attend to in the capital Tuesday and he will take the overnight train back to the City by the Sea, and continue visiting Sarah for the duration.  I'll fly back to the capital Memorial Day and together bring her home.

Our future catcher, getting into position like her father.

We've moved apartments for one night, and it's decor made us a little homesick for our state.  
Painted scarlet and gray.  Can I hear an OH-IO

Sitting in the park this afternoon,  Andy heard a couple speaking English and asked where they were from.  For the next 30 minutes, it was enjoyable having a conversation with someone other than ourselves.  They were from South Carolina, and were vacationing on a riverboat cruise all around Eastern Europe for a month.  They, too adopted three children domestically.
Common Threads.

If what I say resonates with you, it is merely because we are both branches of the same tree.  W.B. Yeates

Andy will continue capturing Sarah's essence and celebrating her stories here, while I will be celebrating Addy and Austin at home.  Continents apart,  this space will continue to celebrate our family.

She loves her cookies, given from friends who will soon adopt Arina into their family.
Smiles are the language of love.  David Hare

Until our computers connect us together again, 

Da svi-da-nia


  1. How bittersweet to be going home. But you'll all be home soon :)

  2. Ummmm...NO, you can't hear an OH-IO from this part of the country...I don't care how much I like you guys. hahahahaha

    Safe travels and let Andy know that I'll be praying for his time to fly by until you are reunited!