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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Her Face

A smile is a window on your face to show your heart is at home.

From our first moment together, I saw Sarah's expressiveness, her excitement, and enthusiasm in her face.  She has so many faces, and you know exactly what she is feeling or thinking by one glimpse.  While she showed few smiles the first few days, her curiosity showed through.  As our visits and time became constant and reliable, she knew we were her family.  The ones she can depend on.  Who bring the same backpack of toys and books.   

She had her own routine, once we walked through the doors.  Put on her outside clothes, motion for us to get our bags, take my hand, and walk down the stairs outside.  From there, it was a mad chase to the animals, and then a place to read. 

 Her face is Beautiful. 

 Her Curious Face

Her Learning Face

Her Laughing Face
The Most Precious Face:  Where she knows she is loved

And tomorrow, I will be flying across the ocean to bring Sarah and Andy home.  And Sarah will soon see how much she is loved by her family and our friends.
She is loved!!!


  1. Oh my oh my! It's really time!!! Go get those two and get on back home!! Praying for your trip and for swift travel back to the good ole U.S. of A.!!!

  2. YAY! So happy to hear you are almost able to all go home together! Can't wait to see that day!

  3. Oh, that face! She is precious. Can't wait for you to get her HOME.

  4. praying for safe, weather and volcano free travels!!!!
    I cannot imagine how wonderful it will be to see them both again!!!
    Sarah will be so excited to see you and your bag :)

  5. Go get your girl, shelly! Can't wait to read about the reunion!
    Blessings for a quick, easy and safe trip!

  6. So happy that Sarah will be coming home soon! This post is now my favorite, although the Sasha post is still a close 2nd:-) Have a great trip!

  7. I am jumping for joy!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!! Sarah finally gets to come home! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

  8. So adorable - what's not to love? Blessings to Sarah and to her new family.