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Friday, May 27, 2011

My Day of Firsts

My very own jammies and my first train ride.
The marks on her forehead are from her latest face-plant while chasing after the cats!!

 All dolled up in my new duds to show my 
fabulousness to the world!
serious bedhead:)
 Even I cannot believe how spankin adorable I look.  I have to check myself out in the mirror!
Only I could achieve this level of beautification a mere 10 hours away from previous establishment.
While mom was away, I was a perfect angel for my dad. (You know, I have him wrapped around my finger:)
As soon as Mama shows up, the new lavender lotion she had was too tempting.  I opened it up, and squeezed half a bottle all over myself, the couch, and her smartphone. 
(Mama told me she wanted a new phone, so I did what I could to help out.  
HELPING is my specialty.)

Walking in the city and my first piece of pizza.
I'm not sure Papa is going to make it up these stroller ramps.  Our stroller isn't wide enough:(

I'm discovering everything.

I can't figure out these sippy cups and straw things.  Just give me an open cup.  It may spill everywhere, but at least I can drink it!
Figuring out how to sleep in a bed is going to be challenging.  I'm a mover and shaker at night.
 I'm going to be following in my daddy's footsteps and become a techie.
I'm Lovin' It with my first Happy Meal.
 Not sure what these are but they're pretty tasty.  I even shared them with a stranger today.

I've only begun to watch in awe the life that I will have with my family.  I'm already in bed, and will be waking up pretty early to fly home to meet my sister and brother. I can hardly wait for my first trip to Target!! 
My friend, Josie, tells me it's like a trip to Disneyland!!

I'll leave the packing to my parents.  

Paka, Sarah


  1. Ohmigoodness!! Look at her adorable smile. I think she's very happy to be headed HOME. So happy for you!! Hope the journey home is smooth.

  2. hallelujah!!! SO ADORABLE!!!!!!! :) And so excited for all of you!!! Mountain climbed and looking at the awesome view! Enjoy!

  3. SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! I seriously can't stop the tears! Watching the video and then seeing this post...there is no stopping the tears! I am SOO glad we got to meet you here and only wish we could have met cute Sarah too....guess that gives me another reason to come to visit the east coast huh?! Safe travels home and can't wait to see the pics of her meeting the rest of her family.

  4. The outside world = heaven. Love it!

  5. love the photos!! so cool how willing she is to help mommy get a new phone!! safe travels!!

  6. We've been following your adoption journey since the beginning (you may remember us: our daughter, Isobel, would have been the same age as your little Sarah), and these pictures have me in tears. She is so incredibly beautiful. What a blessing you have in your arms. Much love and many prayers for you all as you travel home.

  7. There are no words to describe her beauty!!! Love all the pics! I'm so happy for you!

  8. Yay!!! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear when she's on American soil :-)

  9. i am so happy for you guys!!!!