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Friday, August 19, 2011

Remembering the Good

 Sometimes, I need only to stand wherever I am, to be blessed.  mary oliver

This morning, I began my first official day of school.  It's convocation, where the entire district meets for one giant pep rally, and to see friends from other school buildings.  My friends wanted to hear about Sarah and her celebrations, when someone said,"Your blog is always so happy. You're going to the park, playing with kids, having a good time.  Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I read your blog."  Yes, I do celebrate the good things.  I focus on the positive and write about what I want to remember.  Our family has its moments.  The house can be trashed, appointments and errands run here and there, Sarah throws tantrums, and the kids are fighting.
  But when I think about the day, I remember the good.  I am blessed.

Sarah's new friends rallied around her the next day we arrived at school.  As she was searching for her first activity of choice, one spunky blondie said, "She doesn't have her words yet," and without a moment's hesitation Miss Emily said, "Her words aren't here yet, but they're on their way soon." 

Think about that.  It's a way for 3 or 4 year olds to understand individual differences.  
"They're not here yet, but they're on their way soon."

Then, that afternoon, Sarah walked into her home, waving her arms and said, "Hi." Unscripted, unprompted, spontaneous because those are the words one says when you greet someone.  She's learning.  Everyday, she's learning something new.  Her words are on their way soon.

We had her home visit from the school psychologist and the play-based assessment, but our IEP meeting won't be until the end of the month.  All the therapists, intervention specialists, and supervisors were amazed at what Sarah can do in the 2 1/2 months she's been in the U.S.  When I shared she was the only child with Down syndrome in her groupa, one therapist said,"You make a good argument for full inclusion."  My Sarah, already changing perceptions.
 As a mama, I'm on my own learning curve about her needs, instruction, and IEP's.  A different viewpoint, for sure.
The early awakening is making for an easy bedtime transition.  At the beginning of her new life in our home, Sarah needed us to lay down beside her bed until she fell asleep, otherwise she would not stay in her bed. (We tried everything!)  Soon, it was only 10-15 minutes, and now she's asleep within 5 minutes of us standing outside her door.  My little girl has found her home, her place to feel safe, her family.
 Austin chooses to sleep in a sleeping bag so that he doesn't need to make his bed in the morning.  He is the first one to fall asleep.
Addy, my tween, will fight sleep to the bitter end.  After an hour of laying in bed, she was still awake, although not fond of the flash.
We're adjusting to the new schedule, and next week, the big kids will begin.  And so the cycle continues.  Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to celebrate the many blessings you've been given.  Celebrate the moments with your family, and live life to the fullest.
  Sometimes, I need only to stand wherever I am, to be blessed.  mary oliver


  1. My 5 yr old sleeps in a sleeping bag, too :)

  2. I'm crying after reading this. Not sad tears just mom tears. I've been longing for Miss Em to , to be able to tell me what's on her mind... anything.

    And the words of a 4 year old are what reminded me, it's okay. "They're not here yet, but their on their way soon."

    I too love your blog and always leave feeling better, and absolutely always leave with a smile! :)

  3. Keep writin' about all the good in this big world of ours, Sister! We all need daily reminders! Mis you already! Happy Saturday!

  4. you have been given a huge gift--and i'm not talking about sarah here. i'm talking about your gift of writing, your story, of sharing, of being able to explain to others the JOY in your heart because of your family, because of this dynamic little girl. your gift is opening eyes and doors for other little ones like her. it's just plain awesome.

  5. Your children are beautiful! It makes my day to read your blog and see the love that you have for them. Great job!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Austin sleeps in a sleeping bag so that he doesn't have to make his bed! He and I would be great friends, I am sure!