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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Dance

Last night, Sarah and I celebrated the wedding of my friend.  Melanie was beautiful, Joe was handsome, and their love showed throughout the night.
Sarah knew we were getting dressed to the nines for something special.  When I picked her up at Gradma's, changed her into party clothes, she pranced around the room, twirling and spreading her dress like wings.  I had painted her fingers and toes, and she loves to get all "girly-ed" up.
     When we finally arrived at the reception (my directionality issues bloomed in full force), she walked into the hall, waving to everyone she passed, as she traversed the tables to her seat.

      Sarah made her debut with more of my friends that night, she batted her eyes, shared a flirty smile, and their hearts melted instantaneous.  She sat very lady-like in her chair, during the dinner, entertaining her tablemates and they entertained her with flowers, crackers, and smiles.  And cookies.  The Italian Cookie table was so delicious!
The dance floor soon opened up, and Sarah, the Rock star, came to life.  I play music in the house, but only in the last few weeks has she begun moving to the music, clapping in the car, and seat-dancing.  (Again, perhaps its due to clearing her ears out?)

So, when she was freed from her seat, heard the music,  Sarah bee-lined her way, in and out of the tables (waving as she walked) onto the dance floor to join the Cha Cha dance.
She watched the dancers' movements, turned when they turned, slid when they slid, and clapped.  Oh boy, did she clap.  One-by-one, my friends celebrated Sarah, dancing with her, loving on her, and enjoying Sarah.

There was more dancing, more Sarah celebrating, and more laughing.  We laughed, over and over, how one little girl could rock the night out on the dance floor.    Each time, someone commented, "I can't believe how outgoing, and social she is."  My overwhelming response,
"We are very blessed."  And we are.

  Everyday, I celebrate the blessings we've been given. God is good and Sarah is a daily, walking miracle of what love can do.  She shows everyone that each moment is a precious gift.  Live in the moment and dance.

Sarah, I pray you will always dance to the music, teach others to dance, and to love.
I know you will always take the time to dance.