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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Sarah

Sarah bloomed like we knew she would in her new place, but melted down when she wasn't able to get on the bus with her friends.  Next week, sweetie!

An AHA moment came this afternoon when I picked her up.  Another couple was touring her daycare, as I was leaving.  I had only strapped her in her carseat, when they came over to my car.

"I know this is awkward, but we're interviewing daycares and we have a little girl with Down syndrome.  What do you think about this one?"

And so Sarah's story was shared and I could only shout praises for the accommodations, the flexibility, and their love for Sarah.

I said, "She is loved and that is all a Mama wants for her child."

We talked about IEP's, and the school district preschool.  They are one year behind us, and were surprised to learn Sarah had only been in the country since Memorial Day.  I'm learning quickly, they said.  One day at a time, that's all.  

Paving the way for another child with something extra, my Sarah.  Oh, she is changing lives, making her way in this wonderful world.
Oh, the blessings she is sharing.  Her daycare teachers told me one of her friends was playing by himself when she went over, took his hand, and they played together.  Another time, she led another friend to the group area.  The adults' hearts melted and the kids are seeing her as one of their own.

My Sarah, making her mark in this world.
What a wonderful front-row seat in this wild, precious life I've been given.


  1. Precious! My heart melted just reading about Sarah's kindness to her peers.

  2. She is a doll baby girl and YES...she will pave paths and change hearts and do it all with that glowing smile!

  3. This is my first time on your blog. I've come over from My Name is Sarah. My daughter Beth has Ds and will be 27 next month. I will admit I miss those days when my kids were small and look forward to reading about Sarah and your beautiful family!

  4. My little girl had to start wearing glasses when she was two due to a cataract in her eye that she was born with. It was very, very, hard to keep them on. She looked over them most of the time :o We ended up getting a contact when she was 3 that we left in for a month at a time in that eye. Then, when she was 5 we went back to glasses. Now she is 6 and has no problem keeping them on. Some docs will do the contacts and some won't. Once we got it in I didn't have to do anything to it all month. It was a special contact that was extra moist. Hope this helps.

  5. Your Sarah is a doll baby and will indeed affect MANY lives in her lifetime!!!