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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School

The sun's rays were shining through our windows and casting a sunbeam halo over Sarah, as she  slammed the bedroom doors upstairs announcing to the world she's awake.  She knew something special was in store for her, but didn't know what it was.  Today, she began her first day at one of the schools she'll attend this year.
Dressed in purple with flipflops on her shirt ( a salute to the summer days), she walked confidently, like she owned the place, down the hall, and was welcomed with love from her new friends and her teacher, Miss Emily.
 She walked down the vibrant halls, decorated with artwork, smiles, and love.  A contrast to the dark, dreary corridor that  she walked the first three years of her life.
The girls were celebrating their matching skirts, and showing off their fancy duds, excited to meet their new friend.  Sarah walked around the room, exploring the small tables and chairs, and couches, and her new friends grabbed some books to read with her.

We are filled with gratitude that she has the same teacher Austin had a few years ago when he attended the school.  Miss Emily and I hugged like old friends, welcoming the new daily routine we'll share by greeting each new day with smiles and joy.   Love spilled out from both of us with the endless possibilities Sarah will have.
I gave my mom schpeal.  She is working on going to the potty, and tends to initiate it when other friends go.  She may eat some crayons, and other non-edible items, but I don't need a call every time she does that.  LOL.  She knows a few signs, and communicates with gestures and facial expressions.  Everything is new, every experience, manipulatives, everything.  She'll jump in with reckless abandonment.

Then, she asked the question all Mamas and Papas want to hear.  "What are your expectations from me?  What do you want from me to help Sarah?" 

"All I want is for her to be loved.  She'll make her way."  At that moment, both our eyes turned misty. 
Miss Emily said,  "That will most definitely be a given."  My little butterfly bloomed today, and will  be blossoming every day.

During our conversation,  I learned another little girl will be in Sarah's classroom.  Another little girl, with something extra in her makeup.  I can hardly wait to meet her parents.  Another friend.

 "All I want is for her to be loved." 

After I kissed her goodbye, she continued in exploration as if she has always been a part of the group, her friends, her place without another glimpse of her mama walking away.

The note on her daily report when I picked her up.  "Sarah had a GREAT day!  She made many new friends, and went to the bathroom on her own!  Sarah was very playful and warmed up to our classroom and friends so easily!  Yay!!"

I guess you take Mama out of the mix, and she'll do everything in her own time.

So, Miss Sarah has found a brand new place to grow, to learn, to love, and to celebrate.
She came home sat on the couch to read:)

What a beautiful day.  What a wild, precious life I'm living. 


  1. just reading this is making me so emotional.
    i have cried no less than four times today.
    so many families going through this wild ride of adoption...and then for me to end up here, reading this lovely passage of sarah's life.
    oh, man.
    it just made all those tears make sense to me.
    it's worth it.
    they are worth it.
    sarah is worth it.
    i am so very glad y'all had a good day!

  2. Oh My - I have the chills and they wont go away!!! I LOVE this beautiful post!!! AMAZING!!!!

  3. you seriously have the best way with words! LOVE this post! she will be loved and she will make her way and she will BLOSSOM....she already is! Love her!

  4. So glad that her first day went well!! Hooray for Sarah!!

  5. I love reading your blog and have followed your adoption for quite sometime now. I am so happy that little Sarah has her home forever! Have a great school year.