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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life's A Gift

Life:  it's about the gift, not the package it comes in.
Dennis P. Costea Jr.

Since we began our adoption process, I've found Mamas across the globe who are writing and celebrating the gift of life daily.  I love reading their thoughts, and their blog titles say it all...
Making The Most of Today, Life's Little Surprises, Enjoy the Journey, One Day At a Time, and there are many more that I read.  Their words inspire anyone who reads them that every day is precious. 

My uncle was rushed to the hospital a week ago, while he was having a heart attack.  Today, everything is looking good and has a follow-up in three months.

I met my friend, Kecia, in Ukraine during our adoption process.  She didn't think she would be able to have anymore children, adopted Mia, and now is expecting twins to make a family of eight.  Going from Five to Eight in a year.  Amazing!

My friend, Amy, of One Day At a Time, wrote me today.  "Love first, Baby.  It's an incredibly, humbling thought!" 

Life's A Gift!  Celebrate the good, the air you breathe, one another.  Celebrate. Embrace life's journey.
We live a a couple miles from the best zoo in America, but we haven't made it there with Sarah.  So the weather was cooler, the sun was shining, and off we went.

 Sarah was okay in the stroller until it was time for the Habitat Hollow, and then she was ready to roll.  The big kids were climbing over the words, Shelter, Food, Water, and she followed, holding Mama's hand, of course.

She loved the freedom of exploring, every nook and cranny in the house.  But, Little Sister was not happy to be put back in the stroller.

She enjoyed the barn, getting down close to look at the animals.  Seeing her wide-eyed wonder of amazement at every creature today, convicts me to not take anything for granted.  Looking at everything through new eyes, new experiences with her is a precious gift.

Then, we took the train ride.  Since we couldn't all sit together, she wanted Addy and Austin to feel loved, so she high-fived them before the ride began.

There is so much excitement, bubbling out of her and she knows something electrifying is about to happen, and she's sharing "I'm so excited to be out of the stroller" face with the rest of the passengers.  When we would pass the crossings and people were waving at the train, she'd wave back and knew they were all waving, just for her.  Hooping and hollering with thrills.

But, the aquarium and manatee buildings were another of her favorites.
Getting up close to the glass, touching the starfish, and I watched the attendants go out of their way to bring shells and other items closer for Sarah to touch.  And my heart was filled with hope and joy, to see others recognize the heart of Sarah. To know she was eager to experience this new moment in time.

She followed Addy wherever Addy went, did whatever she did, and wanted to be like her Big Sister.
She loves her family, her brother and her sister, and seeks every opportunity to hug them. 
This weekend, Andy's taking the Big Kids on the Back To School Camp-Out all weekend.  Sarah and I will celebrate a friend's wedding, their moment in time.
Life's a precious gift.  Embrace your journey.
Loving Life...


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! It looks like Sarah is totally loving life, every second of it. :)