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Monday, January 3, 2011


These past few weeks, we have loved, lounged, and laughed the old year out and the new year  in.  All of us have been home (in our pajamas way past the morning hours:), yet we've worked on our own separate projects.  Closets, pantries, a new rec room for the kids are all projects undertaken in our respite from work and schedules.  We've begun work on Sarah's room and our decorations are almost down.  I enjoy putting them up before Thanksgiving, but come January 1st, it's out with the old!!    After 11 years of marriage, I finally decided to buy these nifty ornament and bulb organizational tools and am totally lovin' it.  My question is why did it take so long....

New Year's Eve, our weather turned spring-like...60 degrees in Ohio!!!  Never one to let good SUNshine and weather to go to waste, we rode bikes, played outside, and made it to the Columbus Zoo for the annual Wildlights showing.

 Necessary merry-go-round trip.  Never to old to take a ride!
 There was a time when they would not touch any wild creature.  How brave they're getting!!!
Lovin' the toothless smile!!

This year, the kids lobbied to stay up and watch the ball drop.  While we knew Addy was up to the challenge, we figured Austin wouldn't make it to 10.  Boy, were we wrong.  Both stayed up till 12:30 and spent the night in their new rec room.

I enjoyed relaxing conversations with good coffee and friendship...

I even read a book or two and found some inspirational blogs from some remarkable women.  The kind of happy, life is good, awakening the consciousness around you, making a difference type reading I enjoy.  I've added them to my blog list on the right:  Dig this Chick, Lisa Leonard, Joy's Hope, and We Are That Family.  Each story and family are trying to make a difference in their corner of the world, whether through words, pictures, or deeds. They are touching lives.

  Andy and I traveled downtown today to certify and apostille the bulk of our paperwork.  We'll need to make one more trip down there, but it was good to get 25 pieces apostilled.  A different experience that took more time finding parking and the right building than the actual paperwork:)  But it's completed!  It's getting so close and I am daily seeing the finish line closer and closer for when we'll send it all off to her country.   Each day, we are one step closer.

I have relished this "all about us" time, the living- in- the-moment time, the no deadline time. 
Life is the flower for which love is the honey.  Victor Hugo

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  1. You never cease to amaze me, Friend. Another beautiful entry. Thanks for the inspiration. Nice picture...not! LOL! See you tomorrow!