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Monday, January 24, 2011

Five Months Today

Five months ago, Andy and I committed in our hearts, to our family and friends, and to Sarah that we would one day bring her home.  Five months ago, the process seemed daunting,with all the i's needing dotted, the t's crossed.  The day we opened up the "packets" that needed to be completed, it was overwhelming.  But, we didn't look at the bulk, but one piece at a time, like the little engine that could.  One piece of paper, one step.  God has given us patience and grace to complete each step faithfully.

Yesterday, our friends were asking us where we were in our process.  They knew we had hoped to have our dossier sent by now.  As I was sharing with them, I knew there is a reason why we were not finished on our time table.  We may not know what it is, but God does.  I was at peace, knowing it is out of our control.  We will bring her home soon.

Today, I planned to call immigration for an update on our status at school, but neglected to write down our case number.  I quickly raced home to call them.  We unpacked the car, got the mail, and then the rest of the evening looked like this...

Austin took this shot:)
 Our appointment came in the mail, and then we'll get the GOLDEN TICKET.!!Joyous day, filled with gratitude, celebration.  Our red thread is inching closer and closer to Sarah.  I was shouting from the rooftops, the kids were dancing, and we were calling everyone we knew.
Grace for the day, no more no less.  Step by step and day by day..

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Our first Snow Day of the Year

  They love painting and what better way to paint than with paint pens and metal buckets!  

 Of course, curling up with a good book is a must.

Andy baked his work equipment in the oven:(

The international adoption process is not easy, but every step we've achieved is so worth the treasure we will one day bring home.  Soon, very soon...


  1. SOOOO Glad that y'all are getting closer to sweet Sarah! :) I'm still praying. And if you need a partner to travel overseas with you to get her... call me! :) I'd LOVE to go!!!

    She'll be in your arms, SOON!

  2. Hurray! Hurray!!! You are so close now! I remember getting that appointment and knowing that it was our last big hurdle to getting to Nadia. You are so darn close!!! Woo Hooey!