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Monday, January 31, 2011

Moments in Time

"Don't just have minutes in the day.  Have MOMENTS in Time."

Austin and I had Date Weekend, time for he and I.  Andy and Addy went on an Indian Princess campout, so it was the two of us.  Friday was movie night, along with a meal at McDonald's.  He is such the artsy type, and loves to paint so we went to Marcy's Clayground Saturday, a paint your own pottery place.  It was perfect, and he kept that lollipop going with one hand, and painting with the other.  The most difficult part was choosing what piece to paint!!!

We'll get our finished products later this week, after they fire it up.  So much fun. I even painted a magnet for a friend.

He had his first Pinewood Derby Race, and enjoyed the process of making it with Andy more, than seeing how fast it ran.

 And now we wait...wait for the imminent storm that is destined to leave us with an ice coating on everything, along with a mixture of every type of precipitation within the next 48 hours.  I've been to the grocery and the library, and hope the candles I do have will last if the power goes out.  Perhaps some time to shoot some picturesque photos if I get out tomorrow:)  I'm celebrating the moments of time.

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  1. I just treasure those moments of one-on-one time with our kids too. You're a great mom and your son will always remember those times with mommy!

    I'm so JEALOUS that you guys are about to get snowed/iced in. Call me weird if you want but there's something absolutely wonderful about being forced to stop and just enjoy the moment!!!