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Friday, January 14, 2011

Ying and Yang

Remember my book? 
"Even if you can't change the world...never doubt that you can do remarkable things to change and rearrange your little corner of it."
It's been difficult to find words after the horrible event that took place in the southwest last Saturday.  Yet, on the same day in Naples, Florida, a movement to celebrate  children and families who have been touched by Down Syndrome was taking place through our blogland, Facebook, twitter.  People were spreading the word about Nella's ONEder Fund to raise money for the National Down Syndrome Society.  Kelle Hampton began with a goal she thought big, and it has grown substantially.  As of tonight, Nella's ONEder Fund has raised more than $50,000 in one week.  
Check out her blog for her latest creation;  a video of celebration.
Ying and Yang 
We're forever in artsy mode now that we hibernate on the weekends.  Bracelets, suncatchers, coloring, mosaics:  we do it all. 

A snowstorm hit our area this week.  Hopeful for a snow day, it came too late.  But, at lunch I did take a snow walk outside to capture the whiteness, brightness, and innocence of the initial snowfall.  I love the heat and sun of summer and fall, but during the winter I enjoy hibernating with a good book, coffee, and laying around.
Ying and Yang

We received our home study this week and immediately sent it to USCIS for approval.  It's getting so close and we are ever so excited to begin the next phase of our journey!  Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts.
I love words and they are everywhere in our house.  I even buy Yogi Tea for that special inspiration on every tea bag when you open it.  Like digging through the cracker jack box to see what the prize is.  Every morning, I walk into my classroom, heat up my water, and open my tea bag for the little happy thought of the day.
Of course, I drink it in my special smiley face tumbler.  Happy thoughts!
On the news tonight, a story about Making a Difference in the darkest times in Tuscon.
A lady who began making wind chimes as as testament for the memory of her son, is making them, passing them out, and the town of Tuscon is hanging them all throughout the city.
Blowing In the Wind

You're the one who can brush away the clouds and make the sun shine!
Happy Weekend:)

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  1. I love my Yogi tea quotes :). When do you expect the Golden Ticket from USCIS? You are getting SO CLOSE. Hugs, my friend. Let me know if you need anything!