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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Wonderful, Wild Week

 I shall not believe God plays dice with the world.  Albert Einstein
A whirlwind of one wild, wonderful ride as pieces to our Sarah puzzle were placed together this week, amazingly, perfectly, and accordingly to a Master Plan.

Saturday, my in-laws brought the kids home from a special event and handed me  this.  

My sister-in-law sent it over so we can record our voices for Sarah when we meet her.  I'm thinking of having the kids alternate on each page, so she will recognize our voices.  Thanks, Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Matt.   
All The Ways We Love Her...

Sunday, I was asking our associate pastor's wife for the title of a book study she's doing, Cultivating Contentment.  Our adoption process quickly wove its way into our conversation, when she shared some connections with translators and others in Sarah's country if we needed help.  Another couple we recently met, asked us where we were in the process and they have friends who recently adopted from Sarah's country.  Over and over that day, I shared with friends how we know she will be coming home to our family, it's the when.  It will happen we are sure, and I'm at peace with knowing that. 

Monday, our fingerprinting appointment came in the mail, along with notarized licenses that we needed.  Five months to the day from when we committed to Sarah.    Much rejoicing and celebration.  The last big hurdle.

Tuesday, our associate pastor left a message on my phone.  On Monday, our church scheduled a trip to Sarah's country.  The first one in many years.  They will be traveling during our projected time of being over in her country!!! How cool, AMAZING, DIVINE is this!!!

Wednesday, I talked with our associate pastor.  He gave me the city where they will is half-way between the two cities we'll need to be for our adoption!!!!  Our pastor's wife said, "Shelly, this is a God thing."  No kidding!  Unbelievable.  The pieces are all coming together, and quickly.

Thursday, we received another fingerprinting appointment two weeks later:)  Oh well, it's better to have 2, than none at all.

Friday, Andy went to get his fingerprints early!!  One down, and I'll go on Monday.

Sarah's country opens up for adoption submissions in two weeks.  We could have our dossier over there soon.  Early on in our Red Thread story, my heart's desire was to have our paperwork ready for when they open up in February.  It could happen or soon there after.  We are, oh, so very close!!!!!

What a blessed, wild, wonderful week!!!  So many blessings, so many celebrations, and so many ways to embrace our journey.  No dice were thrown on this wild ride.  This was a perfectly, crafted, well-thought out plan.  We are merely pieces on the gameboard, changing the world for one little girl, one princess, one life worthy of love.


  1. You are Close!!! so good! So exciting.

    I love that book.

  2. I love the way the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for your family! How wonderful that your church will be nearby on a mission's trip too!!! Wow!

    It's getting incredibly exciting now isn't it??

  3. Oh Shelly! This is FANTASTIC news....the best news ever! Oh this one of the most exciting times in the adoption gets more and more real...I cannot wait until you meet her! See her face in person! Oh gosh she's such a cutie!

  4. What an awesome week! I have tears in my eyes just thinking about how close this little girl is to having her days filled with everlasting love as part of your family. It was meant to be and it IS a God thing! Go Shelly!!!!