Tell me what it is you want to do with your one wild and precious life? -mary oliver

Saturday, November 13, 2010


It seems we all share how busy we are and how fast the days go by.  A constant reminder to celebrate the good, the beautiful, and the happiness.  Driving to work, the sun was beaming through the bare trees, listening to some new tunes I found.  My gaze looked to both sides, and not to only the road.  I noticed, I saw things I normally would not see.  A deer laying in the grass, his head turning back and forth, like he was watching a tennis match.  Christmas decorations beginning to appear, that are lighting up the evening.  Teens waiting for their bus, some days in coats, other days in hoodies.  The last few survivor trees hanging on to their leaves with a stubborn, defiance to the wind, rain, and sun.

 We've been in the week-end craft mode lately.  I found some cute cards, some wonderful sayings, and made an encouragement treasure bucket for my friend.

For my other friend, I painted a glass jar, wrote quotes, and sayings on individual colored pieces.  Her Jar of Hope. 

Addyson's birthday is coming up and we are planning her first large birthday party.  Today, we made invitations, fabulatized them, and took our "Invitation Walk" around the neighborhood, passing out said invitations to her friends.  She'd ring the doorbell, hand her friend the envelope, and then she was off to the next home.  She's into the whole peace, flower power look, so we're gonna rock the ice-skating rink out in flower power fashion.

Austin is absolutely lovin' his cub scouts.  He's sold popcorn, visited the police station, been to Super Games, and is so stinkin' cute in his uniform.  He's my "follow what's on the calendar" guy!  I forgot to write "Brunch for Lunch" on the calendar this week.  So, when he got to school without his lunchbox, he was totally upset.  When I got home, he made sure to inform me that I needed to write it on our calendar.


I've had my out of control moments with conferences, field trips,  gradecards, holiday shopping, home stuff, and completing our paperwork.  We've completed all we can until our state clearances/home study is here.  Then, only two more steps and our part is complete.    It's getting so close, yet still far away.  There's been much chatter about upcoming Eastern European issues.  While it could affect us all, it is what it is but it will become what we make it.  I am choosing to continue focusing on the good, the beautiful, and small moments that make every day a celebration.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  Fabulous food, family fun, and time...time to listen, time to talk, and time to celebrate our gratefulness for the lives we've been given.  I'm grateful for so many things.  What are you grateful for these days?


  1. what a great gift idea! I love the jar of hope. might use that one this Christmas.

    sounds like a fun birthday coming up!!

  2. I'm grateful for bloggie friends like you! I'm also grateful for the cooler weather, a little slower pace with soccer seasons coming to a close, and for Starbucks being 2 min. from my house. :)