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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I LOVE books on quotations, passages, pick-me-ups, thoughts and more.  There's something about flipping open one of "my" books as my eyes land on the perfect quote for the perfect time.

A dear friend gave me a book called Grace, and it is always near my computer for inspiration.  I've had thoughts lying in my head for future writings on Reece's Rainbow, their upcoming Christmas Angel Tree fundraiser, and advocating for the many without families coming for them.  I opened Grace and like always, the absolute, perfect passage met my gaze.

Compassion is an emotion of which we ought never to be ashamed.  Graceful is the tear of sympathy, the heart that melts at the tale of woe. We should not permit ease and indulgence to contract our affections, and wrap us up in selfish enjoyment; but we should accustom ourselves to think of the distresses of human life, of the solitary cottage, the dying parent, and the weeping orphan. 
Hugh Blair

Compassion, Grace, Love, Faith, Hope...
these children need us now.  

Walker (23)
Boy, Born May 13, 2007
Caitlin is a BOY!!!   All this time we were told Caitlin was a girl, but she is a HE!   Walker is a darling little boy ready to come home!   He is doing well, and is healthy outside of “dystopia of the left kidney”. No heart condition.
 He's at the same orphanage as Sarah!!!!
 Sandra (31)
Girl, Born June 22, 2006
Sandra is a beautiful little girl with platinum blonde hair and brown eyes. She is nearing 4 but is still working on her walking skills. She is physically capable, she is healthy with no heart condition, is able to stand on her own, play with toys, respond appropriately, but she will need extra patience and help with her PT and speech. She will so greatly benefit from a loving family who will encourage her!

Alina (23)
Girl, Born January 28, 2006
“Oh Mama, I have been waiting so long, won’t you come for me?”
 Our little Alina has brown hair and brown eyes. She was born with a VSD (ventricular septal defect) and also has hypothyroidism. She is doing very well, but should be seen by a cardiologist when she gets home. Alina has recently turned 4, and is now “at risk” for institutionalization.
 Same orphanage as Sarah!!!

Igor (2)
Born March 14, 2007
SO happy to have a new photo of Igor!  Look at the eyes on him, what a doll!  This little muffin has only an oval window.   He will make an amazing son!

What can you do?

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