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Monday, June 28, 2010

There is Good in the World

Thursday and Friday, we spent in Myrtle Beach at an Embassy Suites.  What was amazing was there were pools, a waterpark, and the beach within a few feet of each other.  Besides gettting our meals, we could have any activity we wanted.  The waterpark was exciting, with slides, buckets, and fountains to cool off with.  There was even a lazy river,  The beach was fun to walk on.

Andy has enjoyed waking up crazy early to walk on the beach. Saturday, he got up (before the sun) to walk.  He would hide his flip flops in the grass while he walked, and then pick them up on the way into the hotel.  Saturday am, he came back to pick up his shoes and ...they were gone!!  Someone had taken his shoes.  He looked all around, but they were gone. Plus they were his favorite pair.  Feeling completely bummed and at a loss, he got onto the elevator.  There was a dad, taking a load out to his car.  He asked Andy, "Do you have any kids?  Do you want a couple of boogie boards?"   So, Andy lost his flip flops, but was given a couple of boogie boards to take to the beach house.  There is good in the world!!!

Addyson is definitely in her element with water. She has grown so much as a swimmer.  She swims back and forth, doing handstands, and diving under the water.  We are so proud of her accomplishments.  She lost interest in the water park, and preferred to swim in the pool.  It gives her more freedom to stretch herself.

Austin is  Mr. Adventure.  He loves the thrill of trying different positions when going down the slide.  Front, laying down, backwards...he even would have his goggles on top of his head, then when he hit the water, down they came.  He must always be doing something new and excititng.

Saturday, we drove to Oak Island.  A remote beach on the coast, which is quiet and family-oriented.  Just our speed.  We are having a great time, but are completely disconnected from the internet.  I'm in a coffee shop typing this because my online class was today.  Pictures and postings will have to wait until I get back home.  It's been 90+ all week here and we're using tons of sunscreen. 
Keep Smiling!!!

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  1. It sounds like you had a delightful vacation, Shelly!