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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Last Day 2010

Seven years ago, Andy and I made the decision to live in a different district than I teach.  It can be tricky meshing the two school calendars together, but we've made it work.  For us, it's been a good decision.  Our children go to the school latchkey program before and after school, but my district finished earlier and I was able to drive them to school on the last day.  What a treat!

It was a relaxing morning!  We slept in later than normal, had a leisurely breakfast, and packed up.  Addyson and Austin were having a Last Day Luau, hence the grass skirt and lei.  Austin was fine with his shorts and shirt.  They packed their backpacks with their lunch and cards for their teachers.  Both children have been blessed with special teachers this year and I wanted to share my appreciation.

We were going to walk, but then I remember everything that comes home on the last day, so I opted to drive them.  The buses were lining up as we were waiting.  As they got ready to walk, I grabbed my phone for a quick shot. (I'm not always good at remembering cameras!!)  As we walked the sidewalk together, it was time for them to walk in.  They stopped hugged and kissed me good-bye.

As a family, we've been talking about making a difference daily in someone's life.  As they turned one last time, they yelled, "Bye, mom.  We'll make a difference!" Today, I was "just" a mom walking their kids to school and cherished every moment!!

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