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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family That Plays Together...

Last week, I devoted the week to welcoming summer.  Very little was accomplished in our home, besides playing, pool, friends, library, and fun.  I needed to decompress and so did Addyson and Austin.  But, today I began to feel a need to "accomplish" something.  I cleaned the kitchen and began "purging" my closet, while the kids cleaned their bathrooms, emptied the dishwasher, and their rooms.

Every summer, I try to learn something.  I've taken rowing and sailing classes, and trained for duathlons and races.  This summer, I'm taking an online sign language class through Ashland University.  I need to "chat" from 12-1 every Monday and have various assignments to do throughout the week.  I'm enjoying it and already thinking how to incorporate it into my classroom next year.  Plus, I'm enjoying writing about our family adventures on this blog.

Later, we went to the pool.  Some days it can be a total social event as they see their friends.  Today, they played with each other.  As a mom, I sat and watched my two children challenge one another in cannonball contests, dance to their favorite music, and have "pretend" swimming lessons.  They laugh, giggle, help one another, but most of all, they love each other.  Austin is learning new "swimming" tricks from Addy, and Addy is working on her swimming stamina waiting for praise from Austin.  Watching my children accept each other and learn from each other filled my heart with gratitude.

The family that plays together, 
stays together.

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  1. I am thrilled that you have given yourself the time to recharge and relax, Shelly! What a wonderful idea to blog about your family life. I enjoyed reading your entry! I think of you often and I miss seeing you every day. Enjoy!