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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Lives We Touch

We've all been there. That overwhelming, knot, panic feeling that begins swirling in the pit of your stomach, then rises from the depths until the choking sensation appears with every activity, have-to's, and meetings that come with daily life.  It is at that moment I come to my blogosphere of happiness, therapy, and peace when I read about others' joys, celebrations, and glass is half-full mentality.  Today, I'm at that point of panic with work and family deadlines looming in the week ahead.  It is here I remember how we touch lives without truly knowing the impact we have. 
Last week in my class of treasures, I read the book Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes.  An engaging book that shares the celebrations of one, tiny mouse and her way of feeling special.  After recess, a petite, brown-haired, sprite made me my very own Paper Pink Purse, inscribed with her name.  I celebrated the connection, and rocked that arm-candy as if it were made by Mr. Coach himself.  When I walked into the office to share, my principal said, "Shelly, I need to tell you a story.  Last year, L came in March from India and didn't speak any English.  In fact, she wrote a different child's name on her every paper.  She didn't have any knowledge of what her name looked like in English.  Now, she is writing her name and speaking English."  Celebrations come in all shapes and forms, even a Pink Paper Purse, that is honored on my white board art gallery.
Last evening, I received an email from a girl I taught 5 years ago.  We connected on an entirely different plane.  She began writing me letters through the year, even though she seemed meek and wanted to fly under the radar.  She wrote me about the death of her grandmother, the move that would take her family across the country, and we had a traveling journal between her and I that year.  On her last day, I wrote my last letter and gave her my home email.  As with all correspondence, the emails became less frequent as our different journeys took different paths.  One night, she found that notebook, saw my email address, and wrote me a letter.  Red Threads  connect us all, they may tangle and weave but never break.
This space began as a documentation of our family life, then our journey to Sarah, and now it's a place to celebrate the big and small moments of life.  I never thought many would read it besides family.  Every so often, a friend or acquaintance stops to ask me a question, or tell me they read my thoughts the other day.  So it's with my words I can make a difference for someone.

I may never know the difference, the impact I make on every life I touch.  But, daily I try to be present with the moments.  I fail often, when the pressure of day to day life grabs hold.  But, tomorrow's a new day and the sun will shine again.
 We decided to  make some changes in our home.  More time for connection and I'm seeing the positives already.  Austin is playing Bookworm (a making words game) on his DS.
  Addy is engrossed in a new series and our library adventure in the rain tonight ensured she had the next book, along with another series I think she will like.

 Sarah is finally enjoying the 30 minute Signing Time videos and moving her hands along with Rachel!  Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!  She's been given her first invitation to a friend birthday party on Saturday.  What a proud moment for this mama when I picked up her mail from her mailbox and saw the invitation.  I can hardly wait myself!
 And it's time to figure out our Halloween Costume for this year.  We're starting early, so the online stores don't run out.  Our 8pm hours are filled with games of Go Fish, Dominoes, and math games.
So change is good!
Shifting Perspectives:  A Photo Exhibit
Now in Central Ohio, sharing uplifting photos of individuals with Down syndrome in daily life.
Check out the article:

Another avenue of making a difference.
Life's an hourglass.  You can watch the sands of time flow through, or you can be out there living every moment to the fullest.  It's a choice, your choice.   

What a wonderful, wild precious life I've been given!

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  1. I know you've impacted my life as well just watching you travel halfway around the world to bring Sarah into your family! And your glass is half-full attitude is always inspiring!