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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tomorrow's A New Day

 This morning, I packed the stroller in the car, the doctors' orders for Sarah's tests, and printed off directions for the hospital downtown. (the third time because I keep hoping not to have to go down there.)  My sub plans were ready and my morning went flawless.

Once I left school, I realized I forgot some Sarah snacks for the inevitable waiting that will take place in the doctor's office once we arrive.  After my Starbucks run, I stopped in Wal-greens to pick up something to keep her occupied.  A few for her Mama, too.

Hey, they were on sale!  Next stop, I picked up Sarah in different clothes than I brought her in.  She got wet on the playground and needed to be changed.  In the car, she went and I prayed she would sleep the drive downtown.  She's unbearable without a nap!  Looking back, I saw this and was thanking the heavens.  Hindsight, the mere catnap would not be enough for the foreshadowing of events to come.
Now, driving downtown is measured a close second to going to the dentist in my world.  I don't do it very often, I'm easily misguided in directions, and I get freaked out in all that traffic.  But, mapquest was in my hands.

Then, I see my turn off is closed to get onto another highway.  In my head, I'm preparing a dissertation to the doctor once I see her about how she will need to see me in another location or I'll find another doctor!  Finally, a thankful sign I see as the bright orange detour leads me in the direction I'm headed.  Off I go, and I find my way to the hospital.

Next trial is navigating in a parking garage, trying to find a spot.  Another check mark in my day is going fine.  I wake Sarah up and we roll on in.  We were early, ( one of my mantras), and so I tried to get her in for the x-ray beforehand.  The paperwork was complete, but the secretary didn't want me to miss my appointment, so she'd hold it for us until we came back.

Up two floors and I walked into an office of wall-to-wall adults and children, with screaming kids all around.  I signed us in and Sarah's holding up well.  We wait and wait.  Fifteen minutes later, I'm called up to the desk and find out we were to be at another location.  I can hardly hear what the attendant is saying. They're trying to help me reschedule, but computer issues were in full-bloom and the screaming in the office was more than I could take.  Finally, a rescheduled appointment later and we're on our way downstairs. 

We waited almost an hour for an x-ray and she entertained herself by reading to the other patients, making sure to show them the pictures like her teachers do!  She was amazing standing still for the x-ray and ekg.  Next stop, home.

But, oh, the parking garage token situation.  I needed to get a token from the machine, who last time ate up more dollars than it should.  Once again, it took another dollar.  So, I asked the information desk how to get a token and she pointed me to the same machine that took my money. A few tries and a token in my hand, I asked how to get back the money it took.  "Maam, you'll need to talk to somebody on first shift."

And I was done.  I got her in  the car, frantically tore open a box of Mike and Ikes, and dumped half in the backseat for her to eat while I drove.  At one point, she was dancing and laughing, while sticking her tongue out to the many cars that passed us by.  I'm sure the sugar high was part of her happy disposition.

I needed to stop in Target and the library before heading home, and after the library the winds of Sarah changed and the meltdown began in full force.  She was tired of sitting and being constrained and wanted everyone to hear of her day's misfortune.

Once we arrived home, I read her daily notes from school and it seems I sent in the wrong letter item for the week, need to complete a 32 page questionnaire, and she's on snack duty all next week.  And so the day went.  A few more meltdowns at dinner and  Sarah was sleeping by 6:30pm, put her jammies on at 7, and she's out for the night.
Tomorrow's another day ,folks, the sun will be shining, and Sarah will be smiling away.  Until then, I got some new crime dramas to enjoy on Tivo.

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  1. I'm smiling because we've definitely had dr. appt. days like that. Nadia also sat well for her x-ray but it turns out the images weren't clear enough to determine the atlanto-axial issue for SURE so we have to repeat. I'm not up for that fight yet so I'm putting it off--the fight of having THEM pay for it since they messed it up--do you think I'll win that one? hahaha!

    No Mike & Ike's for me--CHOCOLATE and/or COFFEE please!!!