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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Today, She Walked

Today, she walked.  Metaphorically speaking, because there was absolutely, positively no way I was going to let her walk free without constraints in the massive crowds celebrating the extra chromosome.  So, she stroller walked for those like her, and those who have yet graced this earth.
So much sisterly love in our home!

What a difference a year makes.  Last year, The Buddy Walk was later, colder, rainier, and dreary.  All we had of Sarah was a picture, but we walked in her name.

Today, the sun's rays cast a brilliant halo around Crew Stadium, and Sarah was with us in person.  Casting her bright halo of smiles for all around.

I'm so cute!!!
 One of our first stops after registration (No, we weren't organized to get a team going this year!) was to sign a pledge to end the R-word.
My brother, making the pledge.
.   Next up, we listened to the opening remarks and the emcee sing "When the Saints Go Marching In" with his jazzy trumpet.  During his rendition with lyrics dedicated to all the buddies out there walking today, my eyes welled up to see so many celebrating what other countries view as a lesser life. 

Then, we walked up and down the stadium for a mile.  We met families along the way, asking Sarah's age.  And the smiles abound in multitudes as we looked at our individuals for who they are.
Hmmm, what mischief should I get into next?

The Specs4Us had a booth at the walk, so Andy was able to get Sarah fitted for glasses and ordered her frames right there.  For those in the market for glasses for individuals with Ds, this company makes them to fit their unique faces.  We should have them by the end of the week, and our eye doctors will fit the original lenses to these frames.

There were games and bubbles, and the kids enjoyed the fun day.
Sister is seat-dancing, grooving to the music!

Girlfriend, is freakishly strong!!

The other day, I asked Addy and Austin what their favorite part of Sarah is... HER HUGS.  She gives the greatest, best hugs. 
Later that day, we had our small group from church over to celebrate her into our family.  We have tried so many times to get dates lined up, but today was the day.  They came and she performed her smiles and sassiness for all to see.

It was a busy day, but one filled with love, smiles, and celebration for lives filled with love.

We are so very blessed, and our days are filled with laughter and smiles.
Needing to kick back and take a rest!

May you all have a wonderful week.


  1. You have a beautiful family and it looks as if you had a great walk! I am so pumped for ours. Its in October. Last year we walked with pictures as well, this year we will walk with our girl. Cant wait!

  2. I remember your Buddy Walk last year--awful weather! And ours was hot, hot, hot. You're right! What a difference a year makes! Bet last year at this time you never though you'd see this day...but praise God...she's really here!!!