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Monday, October 3, 2011

Celebrating Life

It's 31 for 21:  A Challenge to Post 31 days for that Awesomest 21st Chromosome.  I'm not attempting the challenge, but, I can still share the happiness, joy, and blessings our little almost -4  brown-eyed wonder has brought us in as many months. 

My 21st Century Learner already knowing the proper phone etiquette.  She wanted to share the conversation with Addy,
and she's equal opportunity, so Austin needed included in the conversation.
She'll be one long talker when her words come.  By the way, we got her new glasses tonight and they stay on!!  All night, except for some wrestling, she kept them on.
It's funny how after four months, I'm still asked questions about how we came to adopt and sought her out.  How do you explain we were led, even called to adopt?  How do you explain we never second-guessed our decision?  How do you explain that she's a part of us?  Then, every day her teachers, friends, and acquaintances share something exciting that she rocked their world, their perceptions.  My little Sarah, changing lives.

She was wound up by the time I got home (unbelievably swamped these next two weeks)
I even had the big kids sorting and filing for me tonight!

, and was running through the house with that LOOK!  Between Andy and I, it was 20 minutes of getting her in the bath.  Until she found a way to cool off...

Yes, she realized that the water is cool like a swimming pool and would lower herself down and up, multiple times while we erupted in laughter.  I know it's not proper toilet-training etiquette, but C'est La Vie!!

Miss Sarah keeps us hopping and laughing daily. 

I only need to stand wherever I am to be blessed.  Mary Oliver

My friends on the blog roll will be celebrating National Down Syndrome Awareness month in their one way.  Check out their thoughts.  We are all living a beautiful life.


  1. She really is a pistol isn't she? She is stunning in the blue towel photo! I'm so glad that Sarah's influence is so widespread and it should be!

  2. just hopped over to see what miss sarah has been up to...
    i see she's still a pistol.
    love that girl!
    hope y'all are doing well!