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Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Little Light

We cannot hold a torch to light another's path 
without brightening our own.  
Ben Sweetland

Last Friday, I came down with the flu and when I finally was able to go to school, I had parent conferences and then proceeded to lose my voice for the rest of the week.  So, this is my first chance to share a miraculous day today with my friends.

Today, we celebrated the day Sarah was born.  It's actually next week, but a family wedding preempted her party to this weekend.  Her grandparents, great-grandparents, and cousins arrived to share in her first ever birthday party, a party for her.  Some drove down for the weekend and my parents took off for their Florida stay as soon as the party was over.  Everyone knew this occasion is a special one.   She didn't understand why everyone was here, but became completely consumed with unwrapping and opening each present before her.  

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After each treasure, she would prance around the room, sharing her delight and enthusiasm with everyone around her.

Even extended "relatives" provided something special for my little girl, in case she ever wants to dress up like a cowgirl.
 As with every child, it's the small things that get their attention.  Tissue paper and lollipops.

Every day, I count my blessings and say thanks for the joy and excitement she brings us, with her hugs and kisses.  She went around sharing her thanks in her very own special way.
Then, it was time for cake.  Now, sister LOVES cake.  Vegetables, not so much, but the sweets she's all about.  So it was cake and I wasn't sure how she would do with the candles.  When I sat her in her seat, she dug both hands into the cake before I could catch her.

With the help of Mama, she was able to blow out her candles.  I know her wish is to be thankful for the family she's been given.

Before everyone left, we had to get the obligatory child photo.  Notice her new shirt?  Cake and ice cream everywhere, and no photoshop editing program is THAT good. 

The one below is my FAVORITE...look how she is holding her sister and brother's hands in unadulterated joy.
The Great-Grandparents were able to spend some time showing her how the Fridge Phonics works.  She LOVES music!!

  And then, I remembered to give Owen and Meghan their hats we brought back from Ukraine. 
And so the day closed with Miss Sarah conked out for from the celebration.

What a beautiful day and thank you to our family and friends for always sharing Sarah's light with us . Filled with Gratitude,


  1. Looks like it was a great party. Happy birthday, Miss Sarah!!

  2. Oh what a party!!! love the pic with the hats and Sarah with her cake!! oh i wish i could squeeze her. Sarah looks like she enjoyed every second. Happy Birthday Princess!!!

  3. Could Sarah be any cuter?! Makes me want to adopt again... maybe someday.