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Monday, October 31, 2011

Ladybug Lovliness

Tonight was Trick or Treat and Sarah had no idea what was going on.  She knew Grandpa showed up with his camera and I frantically changed her from the tutu she wore to school into Ladybug Lovliness, complete with adorning footwear.

Austin, the superhero, and Addy as Dorothy completed our trio of Trick or Treaters.

Sarah's cheesing it up for Grandpa.  This year was Andy's turn to walk them around and it was COLD!  We packed Sarah up in the wagon, complete with a blanket and the big kids wore numerous layers underneath.

Sarah was a hit everywhere she went and landed more candy than the average Trick or Treater.  She has that way of melting your heart, as she walks up to the door, excited to pick her next big treasure out of the dish.

Andy got his exercise, taking her in and out of the wagon!
 Many candies were tasted early, wrapper and all!!!

And friends, big and small, always stopped to share a kind word with our Sarah.  She has that way:)  Mostly, I love how our friends have embraced Sarah, celebrated Sarah, and love her.  We are blessed.

Another happy note: after trick and treating, we were sitting around the table eating dinner LATE.  Sarah noticed my coffee mug with the kids' pictures on it.  She said, "Austin," for the very first time.  She can say her name, but this was the first she said one of the kids' names.  He was proud as a peacock, strutting his stuff around the house.  What a family moment!

And so another first for Sarah has come to an end, as she quickly fell asleep once her head hit the pillow.  We love you, sweet girl.

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  1. :) Super emotional today as we are finally on the new commiment page and as I read your blog I see our future before us. Love love love how excited Austin was to hear his name. Can hardly wait for moments like that. In the mean time, I shall cry happy tears for all your wonderfully happy moments :) Thanks for sharing!!