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Friday, December 17, 2010

Family Night Out

I began the day completely horizontal in bed.  Thursday, I started having the headaches and sore throat that accompany any virus or upper respiratory infection.  I decided I should stay home on Friday, so I made sub plans and called off.  When I woke to make the kids' lunches, I could barely stand.  My throat was on fire and it hurt to open my eyes.  Andy planned a vacation day to meet with the accountant and work Addy's holiday party, but I never heard him leave nor return.  Finally, around 2pm I awoke and was able to become vertical and was feeling much better than the morning breakfast routine.  I talked to my mom at 10 and 4pm today, and even she noticed how different I sounded.  I'm glad it was only 24 hours:)  Feelin' oh so much better.  Thanks to the elves holdin' down the fort.
This evening, Austin's cub scouts were singing the National Anthem at our high school basketball game.  

What an honor and privilege!  We are blessed that one of the den leaders is our music teacher.  She has a heart of gold and cares about each of her students.  She was also instrumental in leading the half-time Script Ohio during the OSU vs. Ohio party!! All the boys and leaders were rockin' their uniforms, the basketball experience, and time together.  All the proud mama's, papa's, and den leaders were shooting pictures and video till their hearts were content.  Addy and I took in the whole experience, watching, cheering, and celebrating the men in our family.  What a night!

 There's nothin like seeing your 6 year old saluting Old Glory, while singing our National Anthem.  

Tomorrow, we're heading back home for a Day of Christmas.  First, we'll celebrate with my parents, and then we'll head over to my Grandparents for the last event of 2010.  Another celebration and farewell to my parents and grandparents as they head south for the winter!  Their journey to sun, warmer weather, friends, and time together.  Hope the weather becomes warmer than it's been!!
And so I leave you with another page in my book of inspirations... 
Make the most of your days and remember...they're far too precious to let them slip away.  
Lovin' My Family and Friends!!!


  1. Love the pick of Austin and Dad. He looks so proud of himself!

    and I love your book you've been sharing.
    Give circumstances a chance.

    That's a good one! I'll be saying that to myself, over and over!

  2. Hey there! I'm back after a virus 'sabbatical' of my own. I'm so behind in checking blogs but it looks like you all are enjoying the holiday season with friends and family. I'm glad your virus was only 24hrs. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!