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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Heart That Gives, Gathers...

Our oldest turned 8 last Sunday.  8 wonderful years and she continues to daily ask the question, "Can I sit in the car without a car seat now?"  The right of passage every child anticipates...We celebrated like no other last weekend with a friend party, ice-skating, and love.  It was her day, her moment, her time to shine.  Even on her day, her thoughts were on Sarah.  Sarah will celebrate with all of us this time next year.  

For her school project, Addy is to research a country from her heritage.  Instead, she is researching Sarah's country, making notecards, drawing pictures, and learning simple phrases in the language.  Since we have been learning about the country ourselves, we'll be shooting a video diary to Sarah, with Addy sharing her knowledge.  We want this to be a keepsake for Sarah as she grows to understand her country and heritage.  It's a part of the beautiful, perfect little girl that she is.  This weekend, is crunch time to get it all finished:)

On the paperwork front, we're still waiting, waiting, waiting.  One little piece is holding us up and there is nothing we can do.  On many fronts, it has been a challenging few weeks. It was difficult to write words, without sting, pain, and sadness.  But, even in the midst, I found blessings and small things to celebrate.    Kelle Hampton wrote about a glass that is always half-full, in her ever-inspiring, philosophical way.

Immediately, I found it online and bought 3.  Two for my friends struggling, and one for myself.  Meeting for coffee, my friend is choosing to use the glass in a way I never thought.  She's going to fill it with words.  As a circumstance, blessing, and gift appear in her life, she will write it down, fold it, and place it in her glass.  Her glass will be over-flowing with the blessings in life.  I too, am filling it with blessings. 

In the midst the challenges, there continues to be that inner voice seeking the good in the world, ways to help, and journeys to embrace.  Do good, quietly, randomly, and with purpose.

Sometimes we all meet at the precise moment to help one another.  A family we’ve prayed for had a need.  Without thinking, Andy suggested a way our family could meet the need.  Together, he and I worked out the logistics, wrote a letter, and sent a card with how we could help them.

A week ago, I was in need of time with friends, to laugh,and to not think of my challenges.  Another friend had planned a party earlier, unaware of how in need I was of some girl time.  Everything happens for a reason, and I don't believe in coincidences.   She had a fun time at the precise moment I needed one. 

We all have something to give.   It’s that consciousness, the awareness of seeking ways to make a difference.  Stepping outside of ourselves to help those in need. To whom much is given, much is expected.

Challenges will come always.  It’s inevitable. In the midst of our heartaches, challenges, and tough moments, seeking ways to do good, seeking ways your cup is always half-full, and having the awareness will aid us in our climb out of the depths.  It will happen.  One step at a time.

The heart that gives, gathers.  Marianne Moore

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