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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inch by Inch...

Encouragement comes in small increments, which is way better than hearing nothing.  This afternoon, we learned our state clearances should be finished within the next two weeks.  Yeah, us!!!  Then, hopefully our home study will soon be notarized, sent to us, and then on to USCIS!!  On the USCIS front, we learned an officer will soon be assigned to our case. 

Unless you have traveled the adoption journey, whether stateside or international, you most likely will not understand the happy dance I am doing inside.  After school, I had to share this with my closest friend at school immediately.  This small moment for some, is unbelievably huge for our family.  We have waited for some news, a reply back from emails and phone calls, since the end of October.  A glimmer of light shining through as a beacon on this journey. 

Other celebrations, we finished Addy's video diary to Sarah about her country.  Completely adorable!! We read books, wrote notecards, and then she dictated the speech while I typed it on the computer.  Andy fabulatized it, adding pictures and graphics.  Tomorrow is her presentation day!!  Once Sarah comes home, I'll post it. I am so proud of her.

Austin brought home the sloppy copy of his first published book of first grade, titled Our Family.  He writes about our journey to Sarah, preparations for her arrival, and more.  We are looking forward to seeing the illustrated final copy of his book.  Both kids are anxiously waiting the day our family becomes a family of five.

Another small moment, I had a few errands to run and stopped in the store Tuesday Morning, which I rarely shop.  Meandering through the book area (drawn to like a magnet), I found a treasure and plopped it in my basket.
Another book of inspirations...little snippets of happiness through words.  A few favorites that I've embraced:

Enjoy the little things, the small moments, the memories.  The glass is always half-full!!

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  1. I am doing my happy dance for you! Positive thoughts are coming your way, Friend. You, my dear, are one step closer to being a family of 5!