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Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Little Princess

Being deeply loved by someone
gives you STRENGTH;
Loving someone deeply
gives you COURAGE.

Thanks to the The Fritz Farm for these new pictures of our Eastern European Princess. 
What a precious gift they gave us.  Filled with gratitude...


  1. Ahhhh what a gorgeous little princess she is! I can't wait until she's home with you and we can see new pictures all the time :)

  2. Jessie looks so beautiful in her princess dress. Awwwwww

  3. I love those pictures! What an absolute doll she is :)

  4. You're so fortunate to get "extra" pictures of Sarah before even getting to see her in person. She is so cute and I'm glad she is coming into your family!!!

  5. Oh My! Look at that little stunner!!!

  6. Hi! The Fritz's got us an extra picture too!!
    We are adopting from the same orphanage as you. And if we get there before you do, we will surely try to get more pictures for you!!