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Friday, September 10, 2010


I found this book from my fellow teacher bloggers called Hope is an Open Heart by Lauren Thompson.  The author was inspired from the aftermath of 9/11 and was trying to help her family find new Hope in their shattered world.  The book is filled with breathtaking pictures, along with an inspiration on every page.
    *Hope sometimes feels far away, but Hope is always there.

    *Hope is the warmth of strong arms around you.

    *Hope is knowing you are loved.

    *Hope is finding happiness in the simple things.

    *Hope is daring to do something you've never done before.

    *Hope is a candle flame in the darkness.

    *Hope is knowing that things change and that we can help things to change for the better.

  At the beginning of the year, I had my students and parents write their Hopes and Dreams for the year as inspiration and reflection.  Some may change, while others may stay the same.  What's important is that they are written down, concrete.

    I pulled this book off my shelf today, and began thinking of our little girl in Eastern Europe.  What are my Hopes and Dreams for Sarah?  I've been pondering this question all afternoon and will be writing my Hopes and Dreams for her as part of her memory book.  Hope is an Open Heart will be displayed in her room as part of the book collection we'll be creating for her and as a testament to the Hope she will have in our home.

For now, Sarah's Hopes and Dreams are:

     *HOPE is holding tight to your Mother's hand.

    *HOPE is your Father's good-night kiss.

What are your Hopes and Dreams for you child?

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  1. One Hope Realized for Nadia:

    Having a Mommy and Daddy to rock you to sleep instead of rocking yourself to sleep.

    My hope for Sarah is that she won't mind wearing that tacky Buckeye Cheerleader Outfit. ha ha--couldn't resist!!!

    Actually, I'm thankful that you and Lisa are Buckeye Fans because if you were Michigan Fans, we'd have to have a serious friendship intervention every football season! ha ha