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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not Tonight!!!:(

            In the midst of getting our dishwasher fixed (by none other than my Husband, he ROCKS as Mr. Fixit!!!), I was doing my best to remain calm before our first home visit.  I compared it to having my observation at school by my principal:  I know I'm doing an okay job teaching, but it's still nerve-racking beforehand:(.  I rushed home from school, ran to the bank, and picked up the kids at latchkey, all before 5pm.  When I walked into their school, the power was out!  (We live less than a mile from there.)   In my head, I'm thinking, "Please, not tonight.  I want to get Part 1 of the home visit over and move forward in the process!!!"  As we entered our neighborhood, pulled into our driveway...the garage door would not open:(

        Ladies and Gentlemen, our power was out and we had 2 hours until she came.  The kids were reading, Andy was finishing up with work calls and paperwork, and I was lighting candles all over the house.  We decided to call her at 6pm if the power was not on and let her make the decision whether to reschedule.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat, and I ran Addy to Girl Scouts. At 5:55pm, the power finally came home!!! Yeah, us:)    I was shouting with JOY!!!!  One hour to go.  When I got home, I looked out the window and a car pulled into the driveway.  I told Andy,"I guess she's early.  Maybe I've got the wrong time."  I've been forgetting many things lately!!  Sure enough, I looked in my calendar and wrote the time down as 6pm, but when I communicated to Andy the time, I added an hour:(  Oh well, it all worked out.)    More important, the power came on 5 minutes before she arrived.  Isn't that something?!!!  Or part of the MASTER Plan to work on trusting even when things go differently than what I want.  Or perhaps I'm learning to roll with the little inconveniences daily, that when the big challenges happen, it won't knock me flat!  What's important is I'm learning something daily to grow as a wife, as a mother, and as a individual who is passionate about making a difference in the world around her!!

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  1. OH! I understand your stress! We have our first visit tomorrow night. Yeah, well I have a litter of puppies at my house right now. Do you know how much a litter of puppies smells????? I am stressing! But our first 'visit' was in the form of a class, so we only have one actual visit to the house, so only one opportunity to make a good impression. This is one of those good/bad things. I'll be glad when tomorrow is over! By now your visit is over. I'm sure you did just fine!