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Friday, September 24, 2010


This evening, my parents came into town for dinner and we spent time sharing our adoption journey and celebrations.  The process, paperwork, and logistics seem daunting to them, but they are excited about the greatest reward.  Andy and I know it is tiresome, but the moment she walks into our arms, the paperwork chase will be forgotten and the journey will so be worth it.    I was sharing with them the recent celebrations in the Reece's Rainbow community and other adoption blogs that led us on our path. 
"We all need to hear the good in the world," they said. 
So the purpose of this post is to celebrate the good in the world...

1.  Our part of the home study will be completed in less than a week, and then it can be written up.:) One step closer to our little girl...  We are waiting to order birth/marriage certificates because we need to be careful they do not expire within six months.

2.  Our Child Specific Petition has already been sent to her country.

3.  Sasha has a forever family.  He is a little boy who my blogging friends have been advocating for and hoped to find a family.  An AMAZING life has been saved!!!

4.  Josie, from Confessions of the  Chromosomally Enhanced, is breathing better.  She is still in the hospital, but is a fighter.  She, along with another Josi, were "Red Thread" connections this summer.  Check out Josie's blog.

5.  My parents, and others, are praying for some of the families who I have been sharing on our blog.  They may never meet, except through prayer. But, Miracles are happening!!

6.  Andy printed little cards with our blog address/Reece's Rainbow/Sarah's picture and passed them out at his business meeting in Houston.  Families have been impacted by reading these blogs/websites and perhaps another will be moved towards saving a life.  We've already received calls today about what they have read:).

7.  I stopped at my neighbor's last Saturday to share our news. (now that I'm teaching, I don't visit like in the summer:(.  She was so happy and excited for us and showed me her "Sarah" from student teaching.  She also read this story in Parents' Magazine that day and gave me the magazine. I found this family blog in June, late one night when I couldn't sleep, and was deeply moved. Another red thread.  Monday evening, my friend went to the county fair and saw another "Sarah" she taught who was in college.  She is constantly sending me more "red thread" connections. 

8.  Some families who are traveling in Sarah's country now have been emailing me travel tips and places to stay.  Andy will be most likely be working some of the time while we are over there and will need phone and internet capabilities. (He's a satallite office!)  Another family is traveling soon to her orphanage and will try to get some new pictures for us:)  What a sisterhood Reece's Rainbow is!!!  I am blessed to be a member!

9.  Wednesday, my kids had a movie at school for a reward.  When I asked Addyson who she sat with, she said," I made a difference in Austin's life today because he was sitting by himself and I asked him to come over with us!"  Daily, I am asking them to make a difference and now it is becoming part of their language and actions!

1o.  Sarah, My Name is Sarah, made the front page of her newspaper telling their story about JEllens Fabric Store and its mission to employ adults with Down Syndrome and Autism.  Way to Go, Sarah and Joyce.  You're an inspiration to us all!!

My friends, there is so much good happening all around us.  Look for it, Live it, and Celebrate those special moments.

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  1. What a great idea for a post. I really enjoyed reading all of the celebrations in your family as well as ones you highlighted in other families. I've been getting too bogged down lately in the "details" of every day life and I'm not seeing the forest through the trees. Thank you for putting things back in perspective for me.