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Friday, December 2, 2011


Family importance...the tradition and heritage my grandparents have passed down from generation to generation.  The tradition where each member, if able, make their journey back to our hometown for the family dinner, conversations, love, and joy of being together for that one moment in time.
Where hugs and coffee are plentiful, and sharing of the happiness and glass is half-fullness that we have embraced over the past year.  My Sarah had her first Thanksgiving in this family, as did other new members we welcomed with open arms.  Some through marriage, others by birth.  No matter how they have joined, they are embraced with love.  My mother counted 54 attended this Thanksgiving.  That number has been constant these past years.  A testament to the tradition and family importance my grandparents passed down to their children.  Their children passed down to their children and so one.  Where grandkids are having children of their own, and celebrating those special moments.

Sister knows that Grandma has a soft spot for all that cuteness and will "feed" her at command.

Then after dinner, the kids spread out in chairs watching football, playing video games, or sharing girl stories in their own little way.

My nephews, while older, spend time with the little ones, which makes my heart melt.

No matter where you stand in the circle, you are loved.  You are celebrated.  You are embraced with open arms.  Tradition, family, and the most important of all...LOVE.
The Friday after used to be our Black Friday shopping trip before the madness.  Now with the internet and online shopping, we celebrate Addy's early birthday with my family.  She'll be 9. 
My oldest has embraced her sister and Sarah adores and emulates Addy.  Addy includes her in learning about the 3rd grade Cootie Catcher!

She is amazing with Sarah.  She can get  Sarah to do things, we adults cannot.

  Another tradition my mother started was to ice birthday cupcakes with cousins.  Sarah saw a cupcake and took a bite before learning the icing is so much better on the cupcake.

The cousins planned a raffle and VIP seating for her party and she could hardly contain herself.

Family Traditions....

The elves made their way back from the North Pole, complete with new ornaments for the tree.  After one week with Sarah, Austin's elf was rushed to Andy's ER for neck surgery.  He's recovering well, thank you.

And tomorrow, we embark on another tradition.  Both grandparents are traveling with us to a "special event" for the night.  Celebrating our first Christmas with Sarah and celebrating Addy turning nine.

Traditions, family, LOVE.  It's a wonderful thing.


  1. What wonderful traditions. I can tell you are cherishing those moments!

  2. looks just perfect and beautiful!!! What a wonderful family you have!!

  3. It blows my mind seeing Sarah in these 'traditions' this year! Last year it was just a dream!!! Life is good!!!