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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

 Once you choose HOPE, anything's possible.
Christopher Reeve

I find it difficult to put into words the emotions that surrounded Sarah's First Christmas Day, and that it was on a Sunday was even more special.  I had to wake each child up, comb through Sarah's rat nest of hair, and then the kids walked downstairs to see what Santa and his elves had left for them.

There were moments that morning when Andy and I looked at our kids and the blessings each one has received this year.  Addy, who has taken the role of big sister to the nth degree, and Austin, who in his own way teaches Sarah about the little things in life.  And Sarah, who embraces every moment with gusto.  Our hearts are overflowing.
 I wanted a family photo before church that morning and try as we might, Miss Sarah would not smile, except for the moments we weren't ready.

As we walked into church that morning, our friends said, "This is a very special Christmas for your family, isn't it?"  And when we sat in the church pew, those who followed Sarah's story knew this moment had great significance for us.
There was a moment during the service when all the children were asked to come to the front for a story by our children's pastor.  Addy and Austin walked down, and Sarah wanted to go also.  When she got down front, our friends saw her make a beeline for  her sister.  Then, Austin moved on the other side of her...and one by one, she reached for their hands.  And tears filled my eyes, and the eyes of my friends who watched that beautiful moment unfold before their very eyes.  My heart took a picture and captured that moment forever.  Then, she stroked Addy's hair, and rubbed Austin's back,  and walked back with her brother and sister to sit with HER family.

She is loved.

She has a family. 
 She will move mountains.
 If I have but one monument in this world, it is that of my children.

Filled with Gratitude, Shelly


  1. Beautiful pictures of a "fairy tale" come true! Merry Christmas Archer family!! I feel blessed to share your life through Shelly's eloquent writing and the every day shots captured with the camera! May 2012 bring you good health, happiness and prosperity in all you do!

  2. Wow - totally teared up reading about what happened at church... amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas with us!

  3. my cheeks hurt from smiling so much while reading this post.
    i can't even imagine how overwhelming it must have been to watch sarah and your big kiddos in church.
    bless her little heart!
    merry christmas and happy new year!!