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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Skills for the Fashion Diva

Once the 5 Christmas events in 10 days were completed, we hibernated at home and spent time organizing closets and dressers.  Our focus on the remaining days was to put Sarah through Potty Boot Camp and to our surprise, she took it quite well.  We continue to be in pull-ups, but she remains dry mostly throughout the day.

Lately, she's had strong opinions about the clothing I pick out for her to wear and changes her outfits multiple times a day.  I've compiled a few visual aids for those who need practice taking off their clothes and acquiring new items for their wardrobe.

  Step 1:
  When Mom is occupied take off all your clothes and TRY to put on a new shirt.  Be Careful because the arms are tricky and they may get stuck behind your back.  It's not fun walking around in that manner.

Step 2:  If said arms are stuck, shimmy your way around and hopefully a kind friend will remove the vile shirt from your body.

Step 3: 
In case the papparazzi appear to snap the obscene photo and keep it hidden for future embarrassment of the clothing debacle, hide your eyes and cover your head.  If you can't see them, surely they can't snap a picture of you.

Step 4:  Walk upstairs and find new apparel that matches your mood of the day, all the while signing and saying stop to the offending person taking pictures.

There you have it.  Sarah's Surefire Smart Steps for Sassy Fashion Changes.
More laughter to come soon...
After tucking her in for the night, I was working on the computer when she proceeded to bring me the outfit I had laid out for her tomorrow and say, "NO!"  So, back up we went and I found another that meets with the DIVA'S approval.  If this is what the future has in store, I'm in BIG trouble...


  1. Her belly button looks just like Josie's! How funny!

  2. The arms stuck behind the back looks familiar. :) Claire's getting good at getting out of her shirt, but she doesn't have any opinions about what I put on her...yet!