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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks

I find myself intertwined in the have-to's of life that I neglect this space.  Not by choice, but because I need time for myself.  It doesn't mean I am not living in the moment, nor capturing these special times with my girl.  I am.  Sitting on the sofa, watching my girl wrestle with her dad, laughing and smiling, knowing she has him wrapped completely around his finger.
 An "early" Christmas party had my Sarah, walking around as if they were all there for her.  "Does she ever just sit?"  I was asked.  No, not so much.  She's got to suck the marrow out of every moment, every experience, and make friends with anyone she meets.  And we've got front row seats to this marvelous show.
Anyone she shares her space with is blessed with smiles, a wave, and often a hug.  Then, her new found friends leave on their merry way, with a smile on their face.  Their hearts are lighter, and for that one moment in time, my girl showed them unconditional love.
Yesterday was our first experience with ear tube surgery.  She handled the not-eating nor drinking better than I thought.  
Sarah has shown her independence by not always appreciating the outfits I have chosen for her to wear.  This morning, the big kids had gone to school and she was in her pajamas, while we were waiting to leave for the hospital.  I found her in her room putting on pants she chose,  a skirt, and  a shirt to her liking.
Her affection for Brown Bear continues, so she was reading to all who stopped in her room for questions and vitals.  Her comfort item.
The "Being Good and Patient" currency is about used up and she's tired of sitting in the bed.  However, Andy and I are quite partial to the "gates" on the side of the bed.  Something to think about, just sayin:)

A few more minutes and we walked her to the surgery room.  We no sooner checked into the waiting room and she was finished.  Another 45 minutes in recovery and we were able to see her.  
"She'd be tired and groggy.  A little cranky, and won't be able to eat much," were my instructions and information.  Miss Sarah ate two bowls of cheerios, cheezits, yogurt, and tacos that evening.  She never napped.  My trash cans were emptied, Addy's closet was raided, and many tissues were found around the house.  My Sarah, going against the grain.  Proving everyone wrong.

I am thankful Andy went to Sam's for my coffee addiction.  The Tim Horton's is in honor of my friend Jayme, who pronounced her affirmation for Tim Horton's coffee as the greatest.

After much begging and pleading, Andy "allowed" us to put up the tree before Thanksgiving.  This is what happens to someone who has never seen a Christmas tree, stockings hung by the mantle, nor stainless steel stocking holders.

Sarah was excited and dancing around when she pulled her new ballerina stocking down off the mantle.  A goose egg, a badge of honor, and many more to come.  She'll have a Thanksgiving story to tell all.
Thanksgiving is always a reflection time, to be grateful, thankful for our many blessings.  Sunday, it dawned on me.  A year ago, Sarah was a picture.  A little girl without a smile in an oversized pink dress.
Now look at her, a busy, little girl, making her way in the world. 

 Everyday has the possibility of a miracle.  Elizabeth David.
It's your choice whether you see it.


  1. Oh see does just take it all in doesn't she. Nice egg on her beautiful little head... ouch!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. so thankful for you, mrs. shelly, and for sarah and your family.

    just wanted you to know.

  3. Thank you so much for the update on your Princess and her family! What a different child she seems to be from the unsmiling one in the pink dress.

  4. Beautiful update, my friend!!!! Thanks for sharing the joy!

  5. Poor girl with the egg on her head! She looks so great - what a lucky girl to have the family she's got!

    Kim at