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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Wonders

We've been a hibernatin' and lovin' wearin pajamas all day, crafting mailboxes, reading, playing games, baking... School was closed for two days because of Iceaggedan (thanks for the idea, Elizabeth!), and our power went out for around 8 hours through the night on Tuesday/Wednesday morning. 

Love the Target Dollar Aisle for great craft supplies and ideas.

Opening up the new Mousetrap game from Christmas, it took as long to play as to set-up!!!  Even though the heat turned on, they were still cold and wanted to wear their coats.

Love when I get emails from Grandma in Florida.  They make me so happy and I smile, envisioning them biking around their place, walking in the SUN, and listening to their everyday happenings in Florida. Here's a little snipet from Grandma:

Greetings from warm sunny Fla. (finally!)

Hi Shelly,  notice  my “Subject “ title?  ha!   From what we have been seeing on television and hearing from Jola,  the weather is downright nasty for all of  you up north.
However, I was looking at your blog this evening, and I really did enjoy the winter scenes. 
Grandpa and I went on a bike ride through the park this evening, and it was soooo nice out.  Today was a beautiful sunny day.  Grandpa was over at the pool. 
I think your dad went golfing.  He usually does on Wed.  Its Bible Study in the mornings, then the four of us go to Wendy’s and hardly ever spend over $3.00. ha!  
 Take care
Keep warm and good night.  Love you,  Grandpa and Grandma
 Another Wintry storm is bearing down on us today. Ice balls are falling from the sky.  

From our front porch this morning...

A pot of chili simmering on the stove, the fireplace going, and fun projects happenin'.  I found this cool headband idea from Little Miss Momma.  Very "shelly" proof and easy!!!

There are so many cool, crafty mama's sharing their ideas on the web, and we're all making a difference in our own way:)
Andy was a "Mystery Scientist" in Addy's class during Science Experiment Week.  He was a hit with the kids and teachers.  They loved it and he prepared for it like he does for his work presentations.  His comment, "They deserve my best, too!"  Love him!!  He is always making a difference in our kids' lives and other children.

On the adoption process, we are waiting for our "Golden Ticket" and then we'll send everything over to Sarah's country.  We've done everything, received everything, except for this piece.  We are all getting excited, and the kids are discussing what we need for when she comes home.  I've begun picking up a few things for her, guesstimating her size.  Have to do something:)    It won't be long now till we see her smile, her face...

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  1. OK, you're doing way too many posts lately for me to keep up! :) Guess that's a good indoor activity as well. Loved the ice photos--so pretty and majestic! As I said before, I'm jealous that you guys are snowed in. I wish we were! :( Enjoy it!