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Friday, February 11, 2011

Restless Souls

Restless Souls...the chapter title of a book I'm reading and could not have been more poignant to my state of mind this week.  So fitting, when I read it Wednesday evening.  There was even the word ADOPTION in the chapter.  That alone isn't special, but our restlessness had to deal with our adoption process, so for me it hit home.  Sorry, Grandma and Grandpa, I couldn't write until tonight.  I needed to breathe, to look at the small things, to celebrate little moments.

Surprising my kids at their Valentine Party.  Being a teacher, I am unable to visit their class parties.  Today, I used a personal half-day to attend.  They were surprised and excited.  Austin kept that lollipop throughout the party.  Every picture I have, it's in his hand.

You may enjoy the cold weather, Kristen from NC, but we are ready for a thaw and the SUN.  I wore my fun wellies today, in honor of Valentine's Day.  They make me so happy:)

Andy and Addy are off to the Second Grade Sock Hop.  In total honor of the 50's, they dressed the part, leather jacket and all!!!
Even Addy is licking a lollipop.  Betcha Sarah will follow the kids' lead!!!

Earlier, our friends traveled their own journey of faith to Boston.  Their daughter has spent the last 1 1/2 years in pain, seen numerous specialists, and tried many therapies.  The hospital in Boston has a 98% success rate for her diagnosis, so they traveled with many unanswered questions.  Many prayers traveled with them on their journey.  
Celebration, Praise, Tears of Joy:  she has been accepted into the program!!  Steve, Tracy, Janie and family, we are so excited for you on this journey of faith.  

On our adoption process, we've hit a wall.  USCIS received our paperwork in January, fingerprints are completed, and we still do not have an officer assigned to our case.  Every day we have called, we get an answer of 45-60 days or worse timelines.    We've called our congressman to help us and they received the same answer.  If it is 60 days, some of our paperwork will have expired.  So today, I reached my breaking point and needed to shed some tears.  
Had my meltdown, all better:)
Now GO BIG or GO HOME, and we ain't quitting.  Friends of ours put in personal calls to their political contacts, but we're lacking someone federal.  We've sent multiple emails to offices, and will continue to do so daily!! 

TIDBIT for INTERNATIONAL ADOPTIONS:  Andy did some research on USCIS(for my completely balanced husband, he's beyond frustrated!!).  They track their completion files and progress.  USCIS's goal is for a 2 1/2 month turn-around on processing files.  For us in the international adoption process, this information is vitally important.  Especially for countries who require dated signatures within a 6 month period.  

That puts us into mid-March and many of our dossier papers will expire, especially our medicals and tests.  We'd need to pay for them since insurance already paid for one set.  
So we are GOING BIG to get our file expedited as quickly as possible.  
If anyone has any other ideas, send them.  We are willing to try anything.  Thanks Lisa, for listening via email and ideas.  Already sent and called!!

RESTLESSNESS, put into place so we do not become complacent.   I pulled out the big guns and called my family in Florida to get their friends storming the heavens in prayer for our adoption.  My mother's wise words, "God doesn't leave us on the mountaintop for long because we'll forget to rely on him."  A few more days with the mountaintop high would have been good...

I'm just sayin'


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