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Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Waste Your Life

 I love happy endings, fairytales and celebrations.  The following story shows how love, faith, and celebrating daily the small things make every day count.  How one woman ran the race set before her, persevering daily.

Around the time of Nella's ONEder Fund postings, Kelle Hampton wrote about an inspiring family that joined their birthday party, Libby Ryder.  Libby is married to a wonderful man, Justin, mother to beautiful Ava, learned she had cancer last July.  Libby began writing her story on a blog, became followed by many across the U.S., and last week she learned she was CANCER FREE!!!  She wrote about every treatment, every thought, every chemo, everything.  Her story resonated with many across the country and now a groupof runners, called Team Libby, are running a half-marathon in Nashville, Tennessee to share Libby's story, a woman they have never met. To share how she ran with reckless abandonment and perseverance the race set before her. 

Her story was written in their hometown newspaper Here. She continues to daily write her story, her thoughts, and her celebrations at Don't Waste Your Cancer or Your Life.

Check it out.  It's beautiful and Amazing!!

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