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Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Wave

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in every moment.
Henry David Thoreau

That my friends sums up a weekend of wonder.  Oh my stars...
Every year, I try to take a class or two for my teaching craft. To inspire, jump start, learn something new,  a way to keep those fires going.  The class was Friday evening and all day Saturday.  It was a Make It/Take It class.  A few hours where I could fabulatize, color, glue, and fancify stuff to use in my classroom.  While working all weekend is not ideal, the weather on Saturday was dismal, dreary, and wet.

Forty teachers gathered in a no-cell reception room, and we colored, chatted, drank coffee, and shared ideas and thoughts on how to make learning best for our treasures. I did chuckle when Andy texted this picture...
"Sarah, did you eat chocolate for breakfast?"  "No, Papa!"  However, the evidence suggested otherwise and she was on her third wardrobe change and it was only 8:30am!

The school was decorating for their high school prom with an Old Hollywood Glam theme, complete with the red carpet and marquee lights.  My new friends and I took a walk and I did my best Hollywood pose on the red carpet.

Then the gray skies parted, bursting with rays of sunshine all around.  What a day to behold, and we soaked up the sunshine.

A candy picnic outside, complete with colored hands.

Bike rides, walks in the woods.  My little girl wants to walk instead of being in the wagon. She pulled the wagon a ways, then we played Stop and Go.  She never tires until it's time for bed.
 Big Brother's goal is to ride a two-wheeler.  It's a painful process for anyone who drives by and watches.

She'd run a ways, pigtails flying in the wind as she caught up with her big sister.

Sarah's begun throwing her hands on her hips as she walks, strutting her stuff.  Preparing to give anyone who dares cross her a piece of her mind.
She's large and in charge!
As the sun began to set and our walk in the woods came to an end, I launched myself on the weekend wave and inhaled the moments.

 Happy Monday!


  1. I love your pictures. And those hands on her hips... that's just too cute!

  2. Thanks for the big does of wonder!!!! Your posts make me happy! I miss seeing you every day!

  3. It is a joy to follow your blog. So glad that you are back with blogging!