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Sunday, April 22, 2012


The awesome view from my window in my classroom!  Wednesday, I arrived to work early, found an online piano music station, and was completing paperwork and my have-to's.  A looming darkness cast a shadow over my desk, and when I looked outside...a deer was meandering two feet from my window into the woodland area.  I quickly grabbed my camera, but forgot the two locks on the swindow and missed my chance to capture a deer portrait.  But, oh Hello, Sun!
As part of a project, Austin was researching Abe Lincoln for school.  All the second graders prepared a speech, costume, and poster and we all met Tuesday evening for the Wax Museum.

The whole family attended and celebrated his moment.  He worked diligently on saying,"Emancipation Proclamation" and all the parents congratulated him on his effort.
Sarah and Addy walked along, hand in hand, and listened intently to other famous Americans.  Sarah was respectful and recognized Dr. Seus' hat.

Soon, the hour was finished and Austin was sweating, hot, and tired from standing so he took off his hat.  Sarah tried it on for good measure.

Then, backed herself up to the wall, held out her hand, and spoke when her "button" was touched.

Bike-Riding 101:  Austin has been "practicing' every night on his bike.  It's getting better, and oh how the angels were singing Thursday evening when he asked, "Can I go ride my bike?"
Look, even a smile on his face.  And Sarah is running back and forth to follow him on his journey.

Our friends came over Saturday, and the kids were waiting for their pajama party.  As soon as they pulled into the driveway, three heads were smooshed to the windows.
This week, the sun and warmer temperatures are retreating and we'll be back to fleece coats, boots, and long pants. 
 Have a wonderful week, and Keep Smiling!


  1. Soaking up all the beautiful pics!!! I've got to get over here more often! You'd think I had to walk or're just a click away!!

    I love your blog and your whole family is beautiful! I always leave happier than I was before and that Sarah always makes me tear up with joy. Her face, that smile... is just amazing!

  2. I'm baaack! After quite a long sabbatical from blogging and reading blogs, I'm happy to say i'm hoping to pop on her more often and post once a week. So, i need to see some updated photos of your 3 treasures! Especially that little cutie! Loved seeing these photos--especially the one of Sarah running and smiling. Soooooo precious!!! Hope you guys are having a great summer!